ABOUT 2-kopia





He is a graduate of the prestigious Film School in Lodz - Directing Department. Winner of over thirty awards at film festivals, including Best Polish Film at the International Sopot Film Festival. Life style magazine "Maleman" put him in the category "30 before 30 - they will rule," wrote of him: "There is no doubt that what he does, it will be perfect." He directed commercials, documentaries, web series. Jakub is passionate about film and art. He worked in departments directing feature films and large tv-series ("Third Officer", "39 and a half", "Never Say Never", "Love and Dance"). He also has experience working as a screenwriter and as a copywriter.

Jakub is highly regarded for his professionalism and full commitment to each project. He is fascinated by building worlds in obvious ways. According to him, advertising is an opportunity to tell less linear and more sensational, emotional.

Privately - animal lover and owner quite a sizable “robber band”: a dog and two cats. Therefore knows from experience that you can always come to an agreement with each.